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South African children’s skincare brand, Raising Uhuru, came into existence when a young and curious first-time mom, Minky Mokapela, was faced with the challenge of her baby’s terrible eczema. The baby’s skin would get so dry that it would develop scabs that would lift and flake off creating a considerable level of discomfort for her, and the only effective products contained steroids. Thanks to her curiosity, Minky began to research natural ways to treat her daughter’s skin after finding out that long term use of steroids had adverse effects. She knew that mother nature definitely had an answer. Using natural oils and butters such as Cocoa butter, Shea butter and Jojoba oil, she created the Raising Uhuru children’s skincare range that is beneficial for all skin types and complexions.

The Raising Uhuru children’s skincare brand includes the following products: 

Children’s Skincare

Baby Bath Oil, Body Butter, Cradle Cap Butter, Goodnight Baby Massage Oil, and Custard Lotion. In addition, there are two other adult skincare and haircare ranges produced by the brand:

Skincare Adults
24k Gold Organic Serum, Face Custard, Chamomile Scrub, Citrus & Marula Tissue Oil,
Khanya Skin Brightening Soap, Khanya Skin Brightening Oil, Rose & Vanilla Makeup Remover

Hair Care
African Black Soap Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, Protein Hair Growth Spray, Hair Growth Oil, Hair Soufflé, Chebe & Moringa Co-Wash, Kombo Butter & Moringa Pre-Poo, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Chebe Oil

Speaking about what makes Raising Uhuru different in the marketplace, founder Minky Mokapela says: “The main thing that sets Raising Uhuru apart from the many budding organic cosmetics companies is its value preposition. We offer our consumers luxury products at bridge prices, because our goal is to provide better quality of life for those who stand to benefit from our products, even if they are low income earners.”

There are plans underway to host a special launch event of the full Raising Uhuru product range at Buitengeluk in South Africa on 29 September 2021. The significance of this date is that it is Uhuru’s birthday and she is the reason Raising Uhuru exists.

Sharing her aspirations for the Raising Uhuru brand and her business, founder Minky Mokapela says: “The biggest aspiration is to create 80-100 jobs within the next 5 years and empower the female youth while contributing positively to the GDP. We also aim to be one of South Africa’s biggest and most reputable exporters of Natural cosmetics.

Furthermore, we hope to equip those who come to the employment of Raising Uhuru with the skills and confidence to move on to start their own companies, therefore causing a positive domino effect of job creation.”

Customers interested in purchasing the full range of Raising Uhuru products can visit the company’s online store and in Elandsrock Nature Estate, Alberton, South Africa. The company also sells its range through its social media platforms.

Minky shares her entrepreneurial advice with other women entrepreneurs, saying: “Your biggest asset is your brain. If you can have an idea, all you need is to back it up with determination, consistency and the bravery to ask for help, guidance and opportunities. The worst that can happen is hearing, “no”, but that’s just one person saying no out of 7.8 billion. Take it on the chin and look elsewhere. Be the embodiment of tenacity!”

To find out more about the Raising Uhuru product range, contact founder Minky Mokapela via email: or by visiting the company’s website

Check out Raising Uhuru on social media:


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