Lioness Launch / Takora launches new professional CV writing platform in South Africa — Lionesses of Africa

What makes Takora different is that it understands the importance of having a professional, interview winning CV and why it is a necessity in any job search. Founder Kabwe Gondo says, “Your CV is your tool of achievement. It is your sales pitch and potentially your only opportunity to sell yourself to an employer. TAKORA is bringing a new perspective on CV Writing and our quest is to retain applicant’s dignity by offering a service (CV) that reflects who they are and allowing them through the process of CV Writing in order to understand their career goal and ensuring that information reflects on their CV.”

Even though Takora is an online platform, it has a trusted designated team of professionals with decades of experience in CV Writing content to ensure a smooth process. So what makes it different is that the team members are all content writers, they focus on keywords that are compatible to ATS, and they are constantly up to date with new ways of CV Writing.  In addition, Kabwe believes that their prices are highly competitive, accompanied by monthly promotional drives to accommodate applicants who cannot afford to pay the full amount.

Kabwe says that the aspiration for Takora is to assist more than 100 applicants by the end of 2021. She believes that if people invest in themselves, the rewards will be immeasurable. 

Those interested in the Takora CV writing service can visit the company website which is safe, secure, and with an easy payment gateway

To find out more, contact founder Kabwe Gondo via email: or visit the  Takora social media platforms:


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