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The Lilly Alfonso fashion design label, created by its founder of the same name, has evolved over the years to become one of the top fashion labels in Malawi and is slowly becoming a global fashion brand. Building on its success to date, the Lilly Alfonso brand is introducing an exciting new clothing collection for men and women called the 100 Year Plan collection.

The newly launched 100 Year Plan collection is unlike other previous collections introduced under the Lilly Alfonso brand, which is based in Malawi. Founder and head designer, Lilly Alfonso, was inspired by her initiative, The 100 Year Plan, to create this new collection. Lilly realized that, for African communities to prosper, they need to be supported, educated, and motivated. Her mission is to see those given this chance do the same for others. She believes that what is taught and imparted to the current generation can be passed on to the next generations for the next hundred years. Lilly Alfonso envisions an African utopia in the next century. However, that ideal Africa starts now through her 100 Year Plan clothing collection.

Lilly Alfonso is planning an official launch of the 100 Year Plan collection which will be announced in due course. There have been several individuals and organizations that have shown keen interest in partnering with the Lilly Alfonso brand to launch The 100 Year Plan in their countries. Lilly and her team will make a final decision upon reviewing their proposals.

Speaking about her aspirations for the launch of the new 100 Year Plan collection, founder Lilly Alfonso says:

This collection will reach and change the lives of many people. When one buys and wears the clothes from this collection, they will, directly and indirectly, support The 100 Year Plan initiative. The collection will serve as a reminder that they are part of the journey of creating an African Utopia in the next 100 years.”

She adds: “I believe that whatever one possesses, whether it’s a gift, skill, talent, or position, in society can be used to make someone’s life better.”

The Lilly Alfonso 100 Year Plan collection will be available on the  website where people can order it online.

To find out more, contact Lilly Alfonso via email: or visit the company’s website and social media platforms:


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