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Angela Perdichizzi: Angela has the mission of reaching as many people as possible, with the message that our power lies within, that we are all unique and we all have purpose. Through our programmes, Angela offers self-development and organizational development interventions for a better world of leaders, entrepreneurs and social investors. Angela’s ultimate goal is to empower others to live a joyous and meaningful life, in service of society and human development.
Angela has worked with government funded programs to provide skills and find jobs for disadvantaged people in our communities and provided coaching and learning to leaders on our continent (South Africa, Botswana Kenya, Ghana and Mauritius). Angela has been involved in the development of women’s self-esteem and confidence and co-founder of Body Confidence International Empowerment Awards (Pty) Ltd. Angela has presented at many conferences and inspired women in South Africa and abroad.

Marina Prinsloo AICI, APICSA is major shareholder and Managing Director SA & International of the TICIA Group. With branches in SA, Namibia and Botswana, Zambia & China (in collaboration with Hippo College) Marina brings to her work as an International Qualified Master Image Consultant (She is one of only 3 in SA & 4 in Africa) Body Confidence Coach, Executive Trainer and public speaker, 21 years of experience in fashion, personal branding, training, and a lifelong interest in helping others achieve their maximum potential.

Marina received the Standard Bank Women in Business Nominee 2017 for best trainer and her company TICIA was voted best Corporate Image Consultancy in Africa 2017/18. Marina is also been crowned in November 2018 as the Mrs Pretoria-Tshwane 2019 where she has an ambassadorial role to promote the City of Pretoria – Tshwane nationally and internationally. She is experienced in image soft skill development, career and life coaching, public speaking and pageant & modelling design, garment construction & fashion show production. She has produced and directed a multitude of fashion-shows and judged as many Beauty Pageant nationally & Internationally.

As a corporate and Image soft skill trainer she provides programmes in image management, communication skills, corporate protocol, etiquette and presentation skills to companies and individuals. She and her business partner, Angela Perdichizzi have also launched a new, but vital organization – Body Confidence International, (BCI) advocates for equitable and inclusive images, messages, practices and policies supporting body diversity. Through progressive community engagement, consulting and research, Body Confidence International strives to create an enhanced socio-cultural environment where all bodies can not only survive but thrive without fear of discrimination! Working towards a stronger inner confidence— best beauty secret!

Basetsana Mbewe – Zambia operations: Basetsana has been in the modelling industry for 25 years; firstly as a model for over 10 years, and for 15 years as an agent, a fashion show organiser , grooming upcoming models, marketing her own fashion label and running her own modelling agency. She launched Base Model Agency in Botswana twenty years ago followed by Model-IT Agency launched in 2007 in South Africa. Although she has experience and learned in the modelling field, passion and purpose drives her more. The ultimate desire is to empower women and the youth in general. She also aims to help the abused and hopeless- to heal and retain their confidence. The vision of her agency is to build self-esteem and character in order for each individual to reach their full potential in various areas of their lives.

We are unique in our own way. The thing is for us to keep at it; keep trying and pushing on until we gain the exposure we require, or a platform that enables our uniqueness to be wholly appreciated. Unfortunately, sometimes we hold ourselves back through fear and belief that great things happen only to others. Sometimes all that people need is for others to encourage them, and not just in ‘words’ but to guide them- let them know of their options and steps they could take to get themselves there.

Jennifer Osei-Mensah – Botswana: Be the Change You Want to See is an adage I firmly subscribe to. I believe every individual has the power to positively change their perspective and circumstance they find themselves in. Image directly impacts the way that we interact and how the world perceives us. It is my undertaking to empower individuals as well as corporations to discover and achieve a look that brings joy, personal satisfaction and supports success, whilst building the Botswana brand in the multifaceted arena of image management. My consulting services are aimed towards helping you achieve your utmost potential as a well-groomed person or well-presented corporation. In the sphere of training, I aspire to provide specialized image related trainings to individuals and cooperation’s, empowering them to live the TICA brand -passion purpose and productivity.

Hazel Masvanhise – Namibia: My desire to empower and motivate individuals and companies to a realization of their best lives. It is my goal to bring out the best in an individual or business and to transform their appearance, lifestyle and behaviour. We train, coach, mentor and impart knowledge and world class skills. We are committed to excellent service, attracting and facilitating corporate and individual projects. An excellent leader, entrepreneur and conference speaker with a track, record of contributions leading to improved business performance and quality enhancement.

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