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Throughout her journey, Renchia has been in awe of Africa’s spirit of forgiveness and it’s allowed her story to unfold in the most authentic way. In fact, the seed for what would eventually grow into Africology was planted after a particularly trying session with a victim of apartheid many, many years ago. As she drove home, after witnessing the man’s raw anger and pain, she was overcome with a burning desire to share the transformative power of forgiveness with the world – and it dawned on her that Africology could become the messenger of hope. “I had no money, young children at home, and so many responsibilities – but my heart was filled with intent. So I set to work and remained steadfast in my calling.” 

What followed was a journey that’s encompassed the creation of a world-renowned range of treatments and products that embrace and celebrate Africa’s wealth of healing plants and ancient wisdom – and a commitment to ethical and cruelty-free practices that echo her convictions and personal values. It’s a journey that truly is about healing, forgiveness and hope, and further enhanced by Renchia’s extensive experience as an aromatherapist, Reiki master and holistic healer. 

Uncompromising standards

Starting from scratch, those first years were truly humble beginnings, and Renchia still remembers how she meticulous blended every single product in her own kitchen sink, before selling them directly to customers. But in time, and with her spirit urging her on to turn her passion into a tangible purpose, she gradually stepped into an entrepreneurial role that ultimately unlocked her dream. 

“The handmade formulations I created for my aromatherapy massage treatments all those years ago proved to be so healing and soothing that they were soon in high demand, and this paved the way for a bespoke skincare range made from essential oils with potent therapeutic qualities,” she says. 

During the next two decades, Africology grew in leaps and bounds, adding many ranges, a comprehensive manufacturing facility, as well as a multitude of much-needed job opportunities to their story. Today, they supply to more than 450 high-end 5-star boutique hotels and spas all over the globe. Despite this exponential growth, every formulation is still blended by hand to this day, and the exceptionally high standards to ensure that the integrity of each ingredient is maintained is still honoured. “It empowers us to stay true to our commitment to deliver products that don’t harm the health of people, or that of the planet,” says Renchia.

“When I started the business, I didn’t have any investors – and we had to do everything ourselves. It was a slow journey, but one in which I learnt a lot and managed to keep costs down at the same time. The brand is more established now, and we work with several investors – but we select them carefully to make sure that they’re aligned with our values.”

Heartfelt values

What motives her on her journey? Purity, rather than false promises, has always been a key driver in Africology’s evolution and Renchia keeps turning to nature for healing wisdom and inspiration. Apart from that, working with her children is one of her greatest joys. “It’s been an incredible blessing to have my children alongside me every step of the way. Seeing them grow into business partners and directors of this company – and working with them to build our brand – fills my heart with more joy one could ever hope for.”

As an entrepreneur, she also says that it’s tremendously satisfying to be able to stay true to her calling, and that the reward is to make a difference in people’s lives. “Africology fulfills such a unique role in the ethical skincare market by respecting the body’s precious balance and preserving the integrity of its cellular activity. I really believe that skincare is akin to a daily topical application of nutrition. Africa is home to such a wondrous variety of healing plants, and Africology utilizes this healing power without harming the planet.” 

The very same values and ethos that prompted Renchia to create her own skincare range years ago are still the foundation of all her operations – and in her personal life. It’s all about balance, sound priorities, and being an ambassador for living a life filled with wellness and wellbeing.

And whether it’s inspiring customers with well-researched blogs and newsletters with the latest science-based findings on skincare and health tips, or inspiring those around her by dedicating sacred family time to her children and grandchildren – there’s a beautiful balance in how her journey to fulfill her calling to heal keeps unfolding.  

“My intention has always been to do good –  and offer more than just transient pampering experiences by soothing and nurturing on a holistic level.” — Renchia Droganis

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