Self confidence — Lionesses of Africa

by Altina de Jesus Lisboa

It is well known that we do not always have good days, there are those bad days too. Days that seem like nothing is going to work, a pile of work to do, that call to be answered, and a lot of problems to solve. Yes, there are those days, days when we feel like a complete failure, days that arise with the thought of wanting to go back, days that seem like business is not going ahead. For those days: Relax and believe.

“Remember, all the movements that happen to us in life are the result of our decisions and attitudes, the way in which each of us sees the world, this vision is shaped by the way in which each one looks at his own self.“ — Unknown author

Self-confidence is undoubtedly one of the skills that a professional needs to develop in order to achieve a solid career. So for bad days, reserve a dash of self-confidence; for these days look at you as a big being, as a woman who managed to beat giants; reserve a dash of joy and look at everything you’ve done with satisfaction. Because you get more and more, keep your balance.

A person who does not believe in their professional potential is restricted to always feeling inferior to others and, mainly, to expecting other people to always say what, how and when to do things. So it is necessary to always raise your head and look at ourselves as people capable of always achieving more. You are able to make your dreams come true, you are able to go through this not very good phase of your professional career. Lift your head, pay attention to the quality of your thoughts so that you can manage the different situations and overcome the problems that exist in everyday life in a favorable way for personal and professional growth. 

It is the principle of self-confidence, that is, having emotional competence to achieve success in all areas of your life.

Remember, for bad days, reserve a dash of self-confidence.

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