The one animal every business needs — Lionesses of Africa

by Eldari Visser

This might sound like an awkward story to you, but it is very relevant for this group of go-getter women. You are all wonderful, fantastic women, wearing your brand every day in this modern society. It is indeed this society that expects from you to be top of your game, to be exotic, different, yet covering their needs. You have to be the forerunners, be excellent, be good, be able to see what the next best thing is. We can name many more requirements that come along. What is needed from you is to survive in this environment.

Business is ruthless, with ruthless competition and ruthless predators in the mix. Ranging from take-overs to competition, and even consumers’ taste for different.

Once again I would like to take you on a trip through the wild. 

On the plains of Africa the following happens on a daily basis. We can easily imagine that this is exactly the same as what you could experience with, of course, a different perspective. Everybody is striving during their day to stay ahead, to be better than the predators. Well, hopefully. 

The bush is ruthless. Therefore the solution and plan that suits most grazers is to make friends, even better, is to huddle together like family. Working together.  Imagine for a moment you are a gazelle. Make friends with fringe benefits today. What does that mean? When you are a gazelle you make friends with zebras. They feed on the longer grass and you nibble the juicy shorter grass together with your clan. Side by side. The zebras usually bring a form of stupidity with joy and fun, mixed with mischief but also kicker heels and speed. If you are a gazelle you would want to be close to them.


When the day is at its hottest and all are seeking a spot to hang around at, the guards can easily drop. You might be standing in the shade chewing on a nice soapy little grass leaf, reminiscing on the day (ok, that’s a bit human but you get the gist of it). It is then when the predator is lurking in the bushes ready to pounce when you least expect it.

Predators come in all shapes. The same as in our business environment. Their focus is to search out the weak spots. Then they tactically conquer you through strategic planning from their point of view. They can be very, very diligent and very patient. 

Getting back to you, the gazelle. Make sure you are close to a Zebra herd. They have a secret weapon. Some of you might know this already but follow the story. 

When zebras stand in the mid-afternoon, chewing and catching naps, they usually stand with their bums together, facing outward. They know that they are also watched. Their stripes on their hides, when standing bum to bum, create confusion for predators mostly lions. The blur effect that their stripes give confuses the predator. They are not sure exactly where to attack let alone the grazing gazelle in the background. Therefore they will seek easier prey somewhere else. 

With a Zebra herd at your side you have so many more chances to survive. Even one Zebra will do. A loud warning from a Zebra is always good to hear.

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out like this. The predator might quickly understand the strategy of the zebras or the strategy of the gazelle and they might decide to take a roundabout way or route to get to the ultimate catch which is the gazelle. Keeping that in mind, the gazelles will know how to position themselves with the zebras and how to position themselves against predators. Although gazelles come across as relaxed and calm they are very much aware of their surroundings.

Back to business.

Do you have an alert “Zebra” around? 
Are you strategically positioning yourself in the corporate jungle?
Are you leveraging off the secret weapons of friendly business partners?
Do you fully understand the mutual benefits of working side by side? Even if it means sharing the “grass“?

With these questions answered to your benefit, be assured that you will be happy with your Zebra in your midst.

Well, till the leopard walks in, but that is a story for another day.

Happy grazings.

Junglewealth greetings.

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