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Building your personal brand is a long journey and starts with gaining clarity on your Purpose, your Goals, your Unique Value Proposition, your Target Audience, your Messaging and Narrative as well as the best online and offline channels to use to reach your audience and achieve your goals. Once you have clarity, you need to pen down your strategy and define your goals, messaging pillars, target demographic, the channels you can engage them on, the type of brand collateral you will need, as well as how your content will be structured and of course what strategy you will deploy to achieve your goals. These strategies then need to be implemented and translated into a Digital Plan and a PR Plan that will help drive the implementation and ensure that you get the most out of all your effort. Digital plays a huge role when it comes to building your personal brand. In my mind it is the cornerstone of brand building, whether for personal purposes or corporate purposes and many of the same principles that apply to building a corporate brand apply when you are building your personal brand.

At Futuresoft we have spent years positioning African brands using Digital and we have often partnered with Redrick PR to deliver a more holistic approach to achieve this. Over the years Ijeoma Balogun, CEO of Redrick PR has not only become a close friend, but also a business partner and someone I love talking strategy with. In one of our strategy talks I mentioned that I was looking at offering Personal Branding as a service and as they say the rest is history. I am proud to announce that Futuresoft and Redrick PR are collaborating and launching an all-encompassing Personal Branding Product specifically tailored for African CEOs and Corporate Professionals that are looking to position or reposition themselves for amazing opportunities.

Why us?

Ijeoma and I have 25 years combined brand building experience and have worked with various CEOs and Career Professionals to help them position themselves in the process of positioning their brands.

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